Ensalada de Tomate con Aceite Ahumado Finca La Barca

Experts smoking a unique product.

Our “Finca La Barca” Smoked Olive Oil is smoked in the traditional style of the Extremadura region of “La Vera”, using top quality oak firewood. After more than 15 days in the "drying room", the oil gets smoky nuances that will transport you to a new dimension of flavor and aroma.

Tomate asado con Aceite Ahumado Finca La Barca

Limited Edition of Bottles

The elegant 500 ml bottle, sealed with sealing wax, is presented in an individual case, which includes a pouring spout. Likewise, we have a 250 ml bottle, also closed with sealing wax and with a dispenser cap.

Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra Reserva Familiar

Our Family Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Awarded with Gold Medal at the New York Olive Oil Competition 2022 and a Gold Medal at the London Olive Oil Competition 2022. Chosen as the best retail packaging of the year by the prestigious Evooleum guide.

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